Sunday, December 31

The Last Day of 2017

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of the year.  It has been so long since I have blogged, which is sad, but my blog is here always whenever I feel ready to stop by again.  I'm not sure how many, if anyone, reads blogs these days.  Blogs are my favourite way to connect though, I am a bit of a sentimental person😊 Even though I don't write her often, it is something I would like to start again (yes I know I say this often).  Also it is nice to finish off the year and begin a new year with fresh ideas and plans.  I am feeling a little lost for words as I have been enjoying the time between Christmas and New Year relaxing.  There is always much to do for Christmas and once it is over I tend to go into a relaxed/lazy mode.  So I thought I might do a quick overview of the goals I set for 2017. I have to say that I didn't look over them consistently like I should have to make sure I was on the path to achieving them.  To help me with this next year I'll be writing them down and attaching them to the inside of my wardrobe to remind me of what I want to achieve for the year ahead. Lets see how I went with achieving my 2017 goals..

* Nurture relationships - This year saw us as a family experience our first overseas holiday to New Zealand.  It was an wonderful experience to have with each other and one to be grateful for thanks to the generosity of my Nan.  As far as going on regular dates, sadly that didn't happen often.  We did go away together for a couple of nights which was a nice way to reconnect and relax.  My friends have been very busy and as much as I have tried to have a catch up with a couple of them it hasn't worked out.  Though I have had the pleasure of catch ups with newer friends more often and a movie date with another which has been really good for the soul.

* Nurture my mind - I have had a fantastic year creating a daily meditation practice when I did and online journalling course with Connie Chapman.  Each morning I take time out to meditate before I start my day.  I have really enjoyed this practice which I will be continuing next year.  I have also been reading daily inspirational books before bed.  Next year I will document which books I read to keep a track and to see how many I have read just out of curiosity.  I didn't do a course in photography or soap making but did enjoy a couple of journalling workshops and got a lot from them particularly listening to my inner guidance more.

* Nurture my body - A big tick for achieving this goal for myself.  I managed to go to the gym most weeks, twice a week and despite not having a yoga teacher I visit, I did a yoga video each week on my FMTV subscription.  I have also had several massages this year which was pretty luxurious and special.  As for bush walks, as a couple on holidays we did each morning so that counts.

* Nurture myself creatively - I was consistent all year making birthday cards and Christmas cards for all of our family and friends.  I made all of my family and myself a beanie to take to New Zealand and also a crochet cushion cover for my meditation space.  As for gift making I did ok making gifts for others, a friend's birthday, some baby gifts and also some Christmas gifts too.  Daily photo taking went by the wayside but I do plan on doing a 365 next year so lots more documenting again which I can't wait to do.

* Nurture my home - I did lots of decluttering which felt great.  I feel like I could do more so I will continue with that into the new year.  My poor garden did get neglected by me sadly but was loved by my daughter who was much more loving and nurturing.

So what about 2018?  What will be my new word?  I do love to choose a word.  I love the thought of a fresh new start, that enthusiasm of the new year to help push you along to make goals.  I have thought about, just today really, and the word hadn't really jumped out at me.  But with a little more thought I came up with my new word for 2018, THRIVE.

* I will THRIVE in my journey to be a better version of myself.  I will continue my regular exercise and yoga, looking into finding a new yoga teacher. I will meditate daily and form a journalling routine to continue to get to know myself better. Build a better resilience and self confidence. I will continue to read self help books that I get much enjoyment from.
* I will THRIVE in my relationships with my family and friends, spending time with those who give of their time to me. I will be a more attentive person, giving of my time to others because time matters the most. I will have more dates with my husband and one on one time with each of my daughters doing something fun with each of them. 
* I will THRIVE at home. Simplifying my space by buying less and decluttering some more, choosing only to bring things into my life that bring me joy and create of place of calm and happiness.
* I will THRIVE in my health. I will make good food choices that help my body to feel it's best. I will continue to try new recipes each week and read books that help inform me on this life choice of great health.
* I will THRIVE in all of my creative pursuits.  I will do a 365 in 2018.  I will purchase a new computer for myself and develop a better system of saving and printing my much loved photos. I will educate myself in photography and participate in a photography course. I will attend workshops on topics of interest to me food, photography and simplifying.
* I will THRIVE in creating new routines that make me feel better.  I will have a healthy relationship with technology and go social media free once a week.  I will limit my technology use to 1 hour each night so I can be more creative.

That took a bit longer than I had expected.  I'm not sure why, perhaps because it has been a while since I have been in this space to write or that because I haven't even given it a thought until now about my year ahead.  I may change these but for now this is where my focus will be in 2018. 

Have a very Happy New Year.  May 2018 be a year that is filled with love, happiness and all that you wish for. 

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  1. Thrive is a very positive sounding word. Happy 2018 to you and your's!


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