Sunday, January 28

28/365 Birthday Sewing Complete

Today I stopped the procrastinating and got into my office and completed birthday sewing for my daughter with a few days to spare. I found the pattern for the pouch here if you are interested in sewing one for yourself or maybe for a gift.  The pattern doesn't quite give you as many measurements as I would like however you can easily work it out for yourself.  As I hadn't sewn it quite a while I did sew a little close to the zip so it does catch a little which is disappointing.  I am hoping that it doesn't cause to much of an inconvenience to my daughter when she uses it otherwise I may have to make another.  So this is the end result, filled with some emery boards, some scissors and some tweezers all of her very own.


  1. Lovely make. I am sure she will appreciate it too.


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