Friday, March 23

81/365 Health

My mother in law asked me for ideas one year of what I might like for a gift.  One of my favourite magazines is Nature and Health and so she bought me a subscription.  What is lovely about this gift is each time a get an issue in the mail I think of her, it's the gift that keeps on giving.  It was interesting that this should come in the mail a day after I took myself off to see the dermatologist to get my regular skin check up.  My father had a melanoma when he was in his mid thirties and with my moley skin, it is extra important for me to get it checked.  I had two moles that my dermatologist wanted to take off, one still needs a little more attention so I will be off to my plastic surgeon specialist to get it removed.  I was very sad to have them removed as I am very careful to stay out of the sun but very happy to now have them removed.  It was a nice reminder for me to never to put off these types of appointments, my health is my wealth.

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  1. One of my favourite magazines I use to borrow from our Mobile Library bus and years later I got a job at the is so important especially to be mindful of the ones our parents were subject to.


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