Tuesday, February 24

Hello, hello, hello!

Yes I am still here and have been creating but not very good at keeping my little blog up to date, sorry about that. (very naughty I know) Anyway because I have been busy making things but not uploading them I have a few to share with you and so that's my excuse for not putting in all the materials because there is just too many to list. Of course if you want to know what I have used I am more than happy to let you know if you are interested so leave a comment and I'll surely get back to you. One of my little projects was a matchbook card which I made for a lady in my stamping class for her birthday. I got the idea from Sherelle's Blog, I just came up with the measurements for the mints I put inside. It was really pretty easy and quick. The other projects include a little post it holder and card made in stamping class and also a scrapbooking page I just had to make for my little girl's first day of prep.

And a little something that is totally unrelated to stamping is this pretty little book that I picked up yesterday at a local book/bead/music shop which I couldn't resist. You just never know when you might need a book like this. lol.
Anyway folks I hope this makes up for my lack of posting for the last week, hope you are all doing well. Talk soon.
Smiles Catherine

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  1. You have been busy making beautiful things to look at! Really nice - and I love the shop you went to, they have nice stuff there :)


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