Sunday, September 6

Happy Father's Day, Happy Sunday!

How was your Sunday? Was it full of sun and relaxation? Mine had a bit of both of those in my day but first of all it was about telling my husband what a fantastic dad he is to his girls. So the morning started with toast (cinnamon and sugar) some apple juice and the paper. After presents and breakfast he was outside with his Miss 5 helper digging holes to make a gate for our soon to be dog, maybe a Christmas present for the girls. A stop for morning tea and then back to work. Lunch was made by the girls, salad and cooked by Dad and Miss 10 helper of sausages on the BBQ. The afternoon ended with a visit to the hardware, the nursery for a fruit tree for my Dad and to the park for an ice cream and a swing. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday too! Bye.

Smiles Catherine xox


  1. That's a very sweet photo and yum - I love that apricot sweet cheese, so good!

  2. Sounds like 'Dad' had a great day!
    your cheese platter looks so good lol!

    Take Care,
    Kylie X


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