Tuesday, September 8

How does your garden grow....

With lettuce, cauliflower,corn and shallots all in a row! I thought I would share what I am growing in my garden at the moment tomatoes, lettuce, corn, cauliflower, broccoli, dwarf beans, shallots and some herbs. I am not a green thumb and I think partly the healthy growth is due to timing in the planting, some sunny days and the rain, and also the garden beds needed to be replenished so my hubby put in some mushroom compost which I think has been really good for the plants. Now I look forward to eating the rewards but hope that the caterpillars don't get to them first.(lol)

The other day I saw Mel's photo of the little wren on her blog so I thought I would try and get a photo of one of our little residents, boy are they quick and hard to photograph so this is my effort. I hope you are enjoying your day. Bye for now.

Smiles Catherine xox


  1. Oh, your garden is so great.
    This is why we are selling and having a tree change so...I can have a garden like yours.


  2. Not a green thumb!? Veggies at looking fantastic! Well done xox

  3. Obviously I need to take gardening lessons from you because I definitely have a brown thumb and need to stay in the craft room!! :)

  4. Your garden is definitely growing way better than mine! I love your blue bird shot too - aren't they gorgeous little birds.

  5. What lovely salads you will be eating soon!


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