Sunday, October 4

A Dishcoth in the making

Hi there everyone I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. Just a quick post tonight for you to show you what I have been up to today. While surfing the net I have seen many beautiful handmade dishcloths, ones that have been crocheted and ones that have been knitted. I don't know how to crochet just yet and I can knit simply so I found this pattern that suited me just perfectly. So here it is my dishcloth in progress and hopefully finished soon. Thanks so much for stopping by and I will see you again tomorrow. Bye!

Smiles Catherine xox


  1. I'm loving this Catherine!
    Might check the pattern out tonight

  2. Oh wow... thats awesome! I have bought some crocheted dishcloths before for some family and friends for Christmas! People love those!!


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