Monday, October 5

Blogtoberfest Day 5

Today I thought I would start the week by choosing a colour a day to add some jazz to my posts or just for something a bit different. So my first colour of choice would be my favourite, blue. I remember having pink as my favourite colour for a long time as a little girl but changed to blue when I got older because I thought the colour was a bit more grown up. (lol) Blue is still a favourite but I love other colours too, even pink! These a some of my favourite blue things in my house, firstly my Pandora bracelet that my husband and girls gave me for my birthday. The beads all have special meaning to me and were given all for a different occasion.

I like technology but don't really keep up with the trends much but I bought myself this little ipod and what exciting music am I listening too, none it has a relaxation CD on it that I play before I go to bed at night.

And I saved the oldest and most precious for last, an embroidery box that my late Grandmother gave to me.
She passed away some time ago but she taught me how to embroider and being the only female grandchild it was a really special thing to have her spend time teaching me something she loved. Well thanks for stopping by, tomorrow I will choose pink as my next colour, my Miss 5's favourite. Bye!

Smiles Catherine xox


  1. I love your Pandora! I have one too!! :) They are very nice!!

  2. Beautiful basket, thanks for sharing Catherine. Oh and thanks for the book list help too : )

  3. I adore adore adore that embroidery box.

  4. I love your pandora bracelet! It's beautiful with all that blue.

  5. Wonderful post Catherine! I love your embroidery box and the story behind it!
    I have a MP3 player and also listen to it before I sleep and my music of choice...Marilyn Manson and Within Temptation(A Dutch Gothic rock band lol)and that might explain the weird and strange dreams I have roflol!

    Take Care,
    Kylie X


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