Wednesday, October 7


Hi there! Sorry I didn't visit yesterday I was busy sewing and just didn't get round to my post, I can't believe I fell off the posting bandwagon already and I was so determined to post everyday.(very naughty) Anyway the other day I promised I would show you some of my favourite pink things in my house. The first is my Miss 5's bedspread it's bright pink and so much fun just like she is. And my other favourite bit of pink is this cute little pink lucky ladybird my mother in law gave me as a gift. The tag says she was made in Byron Bay by Jane Davenport and for the best results to put her in a place to watch over you, for an extra dose of luck to pat her nose 3 times and think happy thoughts.(cute) She has a special place on my bedside table, so sweet .

I will be back with the first of two pillowcase dresses to show you. See you later!

Smiles Catherine xox


  1. Nice post Catherine...
    It was nice to see you the other day...thanks for visiting.
    Just wanted to let you know that the car tracks have arrived.
    See you soon

  2. Love the bedding and what a cute ladybug!

  3. Beautiful bedspread Catherine, did you make it?
    Your ladybug is so cute!
    Not many pink things in my home full of boys lol!

    Kylie X

  4. Hey my miss ladybird has the same doona cover!


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