Monday, October 19

A pretty picture for you

Hi there! I hope you are all well. There hasn't been alot of crafting going on here in my house so I haven't got anything to share. I do have a pretty picture to share with you I took in the car on the way home from my Mum and Dad's house. They live in the country and it's always nice to go for a drive and enjoy the peace and quiet. We went to celebrate my Nan's 82nd birthday, it was lovely to be able to see her and celebrate. We all had a lovely time with family. I hope you like my action shot, I thought I would give it a go and it turned out pretty well I think.

I would really like to get some card making in tomorrow so I hope to have something more crafty to share with you.

Smiles Catherine xox


  1. wow, this is a gorgeous photo, great job...your card creations are adorable too......have a wonderful evening!

    enjoy *~*

  2. This is a gorgeous photo! I love scenic drives!

  3. Congrats to your nan, what a wonderful day you must have had. This picture just sets the scene really.


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