Sunday, November 8

Some catching up to show you.

Hi there! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend, I have had a productive weekend and I wanted to show you what I have been up to. At Christmas I really love to give children gifts and I have some wonderful friends who have children. Christmas is a lovely time and for me I love to give each of them a little something but I don't spend a lot, I spend a bit more on their birthdays instead. This year I really want to make my gifts so my first project was to make some purses and fill them with little things for girls. Last night I was on a mission and made six purses using this tutorial over at Skip to my Lou, it was a late night but worth it to get some presents almost complete. I haven't filled them yet but I will show you when I am finished to give you some ideas as well. About a month ago I bought some pretty fabric and I was going to make my Miss 5 a pillow case dress and well I have gotten a bit side tracked and so haven't made it for her but I did today. It came together really easily because this is my second dress but I didn't make it big enough to last her for long, if only I added a couple of centimeters in the width then it would have been perfect. Oh well the dress will have to be for around the house, next time I will know.:(

The other day I went to my local stamping class and our teacher decided to give us a bit of a challenge. The challenge was to make a Christmas card with her choice of colours, use a punch, use two coloured ink, and embellishment and not to use white a
s the cards main colour. This was quite hard and the card I made I do like now but using pink and purple is not my usual taste, so it was fun. The added bonus was if your name got chosen then you won a stamp set and I was lucky enough to get picked!:) Well that's just about it for me today. I will leave you with this pretty flower that is on my front steps, not sure what it is called but it made me smile. See you soon.

Smiles Catherine xox

P.S. I almost forgot last week I showed you a hair clip holder that I made from an idea over at Tutti Frutti. Well they also have lots of hair ties and so after seeing this pretty idea I decided that I could use the same idea but use it for hair ties. I just used a ring from a scrapbooking shop, some eyelets and felt, simple and cute. To take the picture I just used my handles in my room but you can put it on anything, even just a simple hook.


  1. lovely shows, the card is great and the colours work very well together.
    thank you for making me smile with your lovely flower, hope you have a fabulous week ♥

  2. Such cute stuff.. that dress is awesome... so are the hair ties and your card... so glad you won a free stamp set... that is exciting! That flower is gorgeous!! And... I love the skirts you made! Your girls are beautiful! I have been away so I had to catch up all in one comment! :)

  3. What a cute idea - I will have to check out the purse tutorial myself. That flower is absolutely beautiful!!


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