Friday, January 22

Some Handmade Heaven!

Hi there sorry it's been a while since I've been here I hope you didn't miss me too much.;) We have been a bit busy here with only a few days left of the holidays we've been catching up with friends, going on adventures to new places, swimming and just hanging around home.

When I went visiting my old school friend not only did we all have heaps of fun, lots of chatting went on and discovering new ways to live life. My friend lives in the country and loves her simple life and after staying with her I really think that I want that for me too. As a child I didn't like living so far away from everything, I was bored, I felt I was a city girl at heart and I still am but as I am getting older I just love the peace and quiet of the country. I'm not sure when or if this dream will eventuate but I can make choices to live more simply and in a wholesome way. This is a picture of what was in my shopping basket today. So to go along this path, after some research from another friend, I thought I would invest in buying some organic heirloom seeds. She found this great source to buy them from and the benefit of these seeds is that you can collect them afterwards and store them to be used again.

I always make an effort to cook things from scratch for my family but lately I have been really motivated to go that extra mile. So last night I cooked us some pizza using homemade dough, today I made pikelets for morning tea, the girls ate home grown finger mangoes (we are now drying the seeds) and cheese and bacon rolls for lunch. It was such a good feeling knowing I made it all and that I knew what we were all consuming and it tastes so much better!

I have watched some other wonderful blogs exploring this lifestyle and with my friends help I want to keep on living a simpler life.

Hopefully I haven't rambled on too much for you today. What have you been up to lately?

Talk to all of you again soon.

Smiles Catherine xo


  1. Hi Catherine, Those rolls look delicious! Isn't home made pizza the best!? I have been busy in the kitchen too lately. Its nice to see you taking baby steps toeards what you want.

  2. Hi Catherine, I feel the same way lately and am trying to live simply. I'm not sure whether it's having a baby that has made me more conscious of what we are eating or whether it's the process of currently emptying my dad's house and realising how much 'stuff' one person can accumulate over the years, but lately I find an urge to get 'back to the basics'. I'm really keen to start a vegie garden in our backyard. Your home grown mangoes look delicious! I'll be looking to you for ideas on how to follow this 'simple lifestyle' :) Enjoy your weekend, hope your girls enjoy their last few days of holidays too x

  3. Oh I am ashamed of myself! My kids have actually eaten nutrigrain for breakfast this week! We have some sleep over guests and that is ALL these kids would they are gone and the remains of the sugar -in-a-box is going into my kids!!!! I need to pick up my game!!

  4. What do you do with the dried mango seeds?

  5. Impressive Catherine! You've been very busy in the kitchen lately. It all looks so yummy!

  6. One word Katherine...YUMMY lol!

    Take Care,
    Kylie X

  7. Catherine that is so very fantastic! i love to hear that people actually make things to eat & not just buy them.
    eden seeds are wonderful, my partner orders from there online, fabulous produce.
    wow, that's great & I hope your girls look forward to their meals and know exactly what they are eating.
    good on you.


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