Sunday, January 24

Today's Adventure!

My hubby started his day motivated and went outside to get some tidying up done before working on a gate for our side fence. He went over to the girls cubby house to get rid of some branches which had fallen, but to his surprise he found two black beady eyes staring right back at him. He rushed back to the house and grabbed the camera and took some pictures and I came upstairs to check out what we had visiting us. On the computer I went and googled Green Snake Queensland and was relieved when I read that it was non-venomous. That wasn't the end of the adventure.... later he went up the cubby house to discover it had made a nice comfy home in the cubby this time and was have a bit of a snack on a green tree frog.:( I know that's what nature does but I just love those frogs. So my hubby has rescued the frog, the girls are watching vigil hoping it will survive but it doesn't look well, and the snake is still happily living in the cubby so no playing in it today. Have you had an exciting day?

I hope to pop back later and share with you what book I am reading. Vic over at Punky and Me is hosting the meme My Places and Yours!

Talk soon
Smiles Catherine xo


  1. OMG! If I was your husband I would have to change my pants before I grabbed the camera!! haha. OH dear, I hate snakes. We're looking at buying a big property away from the rat race and it's the only negative aspect I can think of! Thanks for sharing. I hope the frog is OK!!

  2. The poor little frog!! I was just about to type 'thank goodnes it hadn't gotten into your girls' cubby house when I scrolled down to see where it had made it's home!!! What are you going to do with it?

  3. What a HUGE Adventure you've all had lol, I'm so glad the snake is not poisonous!
    He seems happy in his new home lol, I hope the little frog is O.K.!
    Let us know how the frog is, fingers crossed!

    Have a wonderful week,
    Take Care,
    Kylie X

  4. oh my!! that is definitely an adventurous day.
    hope froggy pulls through ok and i hope your visitor doesn't like the kids cubby anymore and leaves.

  5. Wow.... scary! So glad that he isn't poisonous!


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