Saturday, February 20

Hot Glue Gun = Mess!

So does anyone else have as much fun making a mess with a hot glue gun as I did? Boy are they messy tools to use and lots of complaining went on here tonight (hehe) but I thought I had better get to it and make the headbands I mentioned in my creative space and get them to the birthday girl, although a bit late. Did you get up to anything crafty today, may be you did a bit of gardening it was a perfect day for it. I hope that you had a good day whatever you may have been doing. Enjoy your Sunday!

Catherine xo

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  1. You know what? I have never used a hot glue gun! True story. Looks like you had fun and the head bands are very cute xox

  2. Cute headbands! I always just end up burning myself with a hot glue gun!:) They scare me!

  3. These headbands are gorgeous Catherine:) Love the post title, I have found the same is true many times:) Mind you I have no idea where my hot glue gun is, I have so many craft boxes...Hope you have had a wonderful Sunday ~ Tina x

  4. i have a hot glue gun, in my tool box which i never use, i always think of it as messy too.
    i created in the kitchen yesterday, today was too hot, so nothing too exciting apart from going to a 4yr old party.
    have a happy week Catherine.

  5. What pretty headbands! Hot glue guns always scare me :) I have bad memories of burning myself with one years ago :) Thanks for all the lovely comments you've left on my blog recently Catherine. You are such a lovely fellow blogger :)

  6. I have nver hat a lot of success with hot glue guns.

    Your headbands look fabulous.

  7. I have an absolute glue gun obsession. I love mine. I am always thinking of ways to use it. I Love those headbands. X

  8. Having just purchased one. . . so much fun! Endless uses. But no good for hair clips it seems!!


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