Saturday, February 27

What's Growing in my Garden?

Cos Lettuce

I do have a little confession to make. A few weeks ago I proudly showed you my mango seeds that I was so excited about sprouting and planted them into some pots in my veggie patch. Sadly, I haven't got any mango seeds sprouting because some nuisance crows came and pulled them out of the pots and ate them.:( I have stopped feeding the wild birds and I hoped that because there wasn't seed around to attract them that maybe they won't visit but they still are so I will need to find something to deter them. Do you have any ideas to stop unwanted crows visiting?

Before I found out about Eden Seeds and the idea of propagating my own seedlings, I bought some seedlings from Bunnings and planted them about 3 weeks ago and most of them are doing well. In my garden I've planted
* cucumber
* cos lettuce
* carrots
* shallots
* rhubarb
* corn (from seed)
* tomato
* peas (from seed)
* sunflowers (from seed) and
* herbsI am happy to say that my corn have sprouted from seed nicely and so I sowed four more corn seeds as well as the peas on Wednesday. I read that planting veggies around a chook pen is also good and gives the chooks something to eat so I planted some peas around their pen. The reason that I chose these particular plants was because I thought I would use the Moon planting guide I found in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine that suggested to sow seed-producing crops on Wednesday, Thursday and some of Friday. I will keep you updated on the progress.

Soon we hope to buy a puppy for the girls and so that our new addition stays in the yard my husband built another fence at the side of the house as well as a beautiful arbour. He got the pattern out of the Handyman magazine and he did a wonderful job all that's left to do is give it a paint to match the other fence and all is finished. I'm really proud of his work so I just wanted to show all of you too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend I hope to get some sewing done for a friend's birthday that's coming up soon so hopefully I have something to show you tomorrow.

Talk to you again soon.

Catherine xo


  1. Hi Catherine, the vegie patch is looking great. We are wanting to make a start on growing some this year too. We have had rain nearly every day for about a month. Which is great for greening up the grass and gardens,but, not so great when you want to get out and build some beds and start composting. We will get there, fingers crossed. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Cheers,Deb

    p.s. Thanks for following my blog.

  2. Wow Catherine, your garden looks fantastic!! Love that things are starting to grow:) You have reminded me to get busy in our garden today!!! Enjoy those vegies ~ Tina x

  3. Your vegie garden is so inspiring!! I really want to get started on one for our place now more than ever. Yours looks fantastic - there's nothing nicer than fresh vegetables. The moon planting guide sounds interesting. I'll be turning to you for help when we eventually get started on our vegie patch :)Your fence looks great too.

  4. That is one good looking patch. Enjoy reaping the rewards!


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