Tuesday, April 27

I hope that your day is full of smiles! Artwork proudly produced by Miss 6:)

Have a wonderful day.

Catherine xo
*Edited to add* No food was harmed during this artwork production for you or eaten!(lol)


  1. Catherine, that artwork is priceless - I love it:) Hope it was as delicious as it looks;) Congrats to Miss 6 on her masterpiece. Wishing you both a lovley week ~ Tina xx

  2. I think one of the best parts of blogging is that it forces us to record the priceless moments like that. Gorgeous! I hope you had a smiley day too.

  3. Love it! Anything to avoid eating cold peas!! Kids can seem to make art out of anything...oh to have such creative abandon. Thanks for popping into my blog and for your lovely comment. Hope your week is wonderful :)

  4. The best kind of art! So sweet, she did a great job... The little ones have such great imaginations, don't they?!
    Flick :)


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