Wednesday, April 28

Homemade Yogurt

When I make lunches for my girls I like to give them a balanced diet. They always have some fruit, something I've cooked, a sandwich, dried fruit and/or nuts and yogurt. My Mum bought me an EasiYo Maker for a present a while ago and I really enjoyed making yogurt for the girls whenever we needed it rather than buying it from the shop but they didn't always like the flavours no matter how many I tried. I read the Down to Earth blog daily, it's always filled with ways to get back to basics and reconnect with your home. I was inspired by a post some time ago and decided to make my own yogurt from scratch, that way I could flavour it more to the girls taste. I used this recipe on the net because I had all the ingredients but there are many more on the net and because I already had the yogurt maker I had the perfect container for it to ferment overnight. The taste is a bit tart but with some organic honey added to it, the taste is just delicious, even better knowing that I made it from scratch. If you really like yogurt and enjoy trying a new recipe then I would give it a go, you'll be proud of yourself. :)

Catherine xo


  1. Thanks so much for the link! We have an easy-yo yoghurt maker but I'm always a bit iffy about the packet stuff. Can't wait to try it from sratch. Thanks for popping in and for your lovely comment :)

  2. Wow, I've never heard of making your own yoghurt - looks yummy. Bet the girls like it. You are such a good Mum filling your girls' lunchboxes which such healthy things, some of the lunchboxes I used to see when I was teaching were scary.

  3. Interesting. I'd not thought of making our own. We go through soooo much here and it isn't cheap. Thanks for the link and making me think....mmm xox

  4. We have an easi-yo but I had heard you could make it from scratch. Then I could make it with A2 milk as well.


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