Sunday, April 18

Tassie Touring Part 3

Hi there and happy Sunday! I hope that you have had a good weekend. Yesterday was date day with my hubby so we had lunch and a movie together and what did we see Date Night, funny hey! I try to be funny anyway:)

So I thought I would show you a few more pictures from our trip. It's really hard to narrow down some of the pictures because there is some many natural wonders to see in Tasmania that are truly beautiful that I want to share all of them with you, here I go.....

After our stay at Bicheno it was time to head out on one of our biggest drives of the trip to Taranna. It is located just before Port Arthur on the east coast of Tasmania. Because it was such a long drive we took a few stops along the way to break up our day so when it got to lunch we chose to do a little detour to Richmond. First was the stop at Richmond Bridge, did you know it is the oldest bridge in use in Australia completed in 1825 using convict labour? And of course we had to feed the ducks. We then drove into town and took a walk around the Richmond Gaol before heading to the town centre for a walk around the shops spotting this delicious lolly shop called
Sweets and Treats. Still with more driving to go it was back in the car but not before one more stop at the Sorell Fruit Farm. I just love berries of all kinds so when it meant we all got to taste some beautiful fresh Tassie strawberries I was ready to go and pick some. It was great fun for even the big kids.:)
The next day we started early and went to Port Arthur spending our entire day exploring it's history and beauty. We did a short tour with a guide and also hired out an audio tour for each of us, which I highly recommend. My hubby wanted us to experience as much of Tassie as possible so after Port Arthur we headed a short drive down the road to see the Tessellated Pavement, just spectacular. Standing on it and exploring it's surrounding and taking in the view of the ocean is something to remember.

Today we were going to our next destination, Hobart. A stop along the way at the Tasman Arch and the Devil's Kitchen gave me more happy snapping opportunities but today the most important stop on our agenda was the Cadbury factory. My Miss 10 was so excited to visit and so were the adults stocking up on lots of yummy chocolate!

Thank you for stopping by and I love hearing about your holiday experiences that some of you have been sharing, in the lovely apple isle. It is such a pretty place to visit! Let me know if I'm boring you because I still have a few days of posts left to share with you and heaps of photos!(lol) Have a good week my lovely friends, have you got any exciting plans?

Talk to you soon
Catherine xo


  1. The photos look like postcards! Looks like such a beautiful place.

  2. Thanks for the tips on where to take the kids. Loving your updates on Tassy. Can't wait to go later in the year.

  3. Keep the photos coming Catherine! I am really enjoying reading about all the lovely spots you stopped at on your trip. Looks like you had beautiful weather in Port Arthur - such an eerie place isn't it? I found Richmong had some nice little shops to browse in. Glad you had a lovely 'date day' with your husband. Have a wonderful start to your week x


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