Thursday, May 20

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today is all about creature comforts, literally:) It is so cold here in sunny Queensland, really it is, some nights it's been 1 degree and I don't want our new little puppy getting cold so I'm making her a dog blanket.

Searching through our local library's craft book section I found this book called Vintage Crafts and brought it home to have a closer look, don't you just love libraries! Anyway I spotted the dog blanket project and have started it but was wondering does anyone have any hints on how to cut fabric square? I usually cut a pattern out of brown paper for smaller projects but because the fabric needs to measure 86cm x 74cm it's too big for me to do that. I'd really appreciate any advice you might have:)

For my crafty ladies please go visit Kirsty to see what's everyone's doing this week.

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  1. Looks like a great book Catherine - I love anything 'Cabbages & Roses'. One of my favourite spots to visit is our local library too - I always have things on request or being ordered in for me and always come home with a whole stack of things to read - at the moment I've got out 'The Crafty Minx'. I'm not sure about getting fabric square as I've only really worked with smaller scale pieces. I hope someone else has a solution for you xx

  2. Oh I love Christina Strutt:) this book looks fabulous and even more so since you were able to borrow it from your library!! What lucky doggie to be having a handmade blanket!! I usually use a large quilter's cutting mat (with ruled lines on it, a quilter's ruler and a rotary cutter to make sure I cut my fabric square. I can't wait to see how your doggie's blanket turns out Catherine! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  3. I love my local library so much. I've set up my borrowing account so that whenever the library buys a craft book an email is sent alerting me... then I can quickly jump online and reserve the book :)
    The biggest draw back is inspiration overload.
    Hope your doggie is all warm soon. Sounds chilly!!!

  4. Hi Catherine,
    Thank-you for popping in and saying Hi. Mushrooms are too sweet aren't they! Except for the poisonous kind!!! Your little puppy is super lucky to be getting a new doggie blanket. It has been quite chilly the last week or so and it isn't even winter yet!
    In regards to cutting a large square of fabric, I'm not much help as I usally cut small squares of fabric for my projects. I wish I could have been of more help. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. xo


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