Wednesday, May 5

Weekend Catchup

So the weekend has been and gone by so fast that I didn't get a catch up and share with you some of our happenings. The long weekends have meant some homely and family catch up and time to relax.
We went to the flea market but maybe a bit late because I didn't find any bargains:( or chickens either so on our way home we stopped at the produce and picked up two Lohman Brown point of lay hens to join our family. So far the hens have had some adjusting to make and learn the pecking order of the hen house so I hopefully they all end up being friends soon.(lol)

There was a bit of bubble blowing and playing with the puppy outside, she is so much fun and very playful. Bubbles are a wonderful activity for children to be involved in, chasing them; looking at the colours on the bubble; popping them and watching them blow in the wind.

And on the weekend I taught my older daughter how to knit. She has been watching me knit washcloths and has been asking to be taught. So with some pretty pink needles and some wool we started learning to cast on and then the basic knit stitch. You don't realise until you teach someone that learning a new skill can be tricky but she got the hang of it quite quickly.

I hope you are enjoying your week.

Catherine xo


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend- your puppy is adorable! Good on your daughter for giving it a go- and lucky her she gets to learn from you! xo m.

  2. AnonymousMay 05, 2010

    Hi Catherine! Thanks for visiting me and for leaving such lovely comments. We can hardly wait to start our trip, and Tassie looks beautiful, so will absolutely have some time exploring there!

    The new Chickies are gorgeous.. I can imagine you saying 'Now come on ladies, get along!' hehe.
    I hope they settle in soon and become very happy layers!
    :) Flick

  3. Oh such a rite of passage! So good you have a photo..I remember when my mum taught me, I was 6 and I used burnt orange Totem wool on pink iodised aluminium needles, 10 stitches! THis will be a memory for both of you. xxxx

  4. Love the photo of your daughter blowing bubble with your puppy. So cute! How lovely you can teach your eldest daughter to knit - I still remember my mum trying to show me when I was a little girl. Unfortunately, I'm a hopeless knitter now.


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