Wednesday, June 23


After our outing on Saturday to the markets, Sunday was a good day to stay at home and do a bit of crafting for my family. Firstly it was for my little girl. To help with her school work I had number posters and sight words blue tacked to her wall. I know it doesn't sound pretty, it did help her though but it was time to pretty it up. So around the blog world I had seen some tutorials for making tissue flowers and thought she might like them. We headed to Spotlight together to choose some tissue paper and I followed this tutorial to make them. They tore easily and required some patience to make so after a bit too much tearing on one of them she was left with three to decorate her room.

The next project was a mat for Molly's dog bowls to keep them up off the floor. I got the project from the
same book I made her blanket. All it needed was some oil cloth, glue and a scrap piece of wood. I think she likes it:)

And it seems like ages since I've shown anything to do with my paper craft so here is a quick little gift idea I wanted to share with you. My daughter plays the flute at school and is also lucky enough to have a neighbour who also plays the flute and teaches her each Tuesday. She didn't want any money so I like to thank her by giving her some of my cooking or if I haven't cooked I buy her a little something. This week I hadn't cooked so I bought some chocolate, wrapped some white cardstock around it with a bit of decorative tape, added some flowers and a pearl, that's it, quick and easy.

Sorry for not stopping by and visiting, I hope to pop by and see what you've been up to tomorrow. See you then!


  1. The tissue paper pom poms look lovely Catherine and so does Molly's little eating area. How is the newest member of your family fitting in? I bet she's well loved. I like the way you wrapped the chocolate - a nice touch x

  2. The paper flowers are lovely. What a great idea. So very pretty.

  3. I just love the Poms, they're so bright and cheery.

  4. Molly looks Happy with her new dinner mat. We take possesion of a spoodle pup in 9 sleeps, I'm very exited, boys don't know :)


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