Saturday, June 12

Ideas for little girls

The other weekend Miss 6 was going to a little girls birthday party and I had spotted this tutorial for a little bag that I wanted to try out.

And what's a bag without a purse to go inside? So I made a little purse to go with the bag and matched the fabric with the heart yoyo.

I love making those heart yoyos with the yoyo maker, they are really quick to make and cute for little girls. And keeping with the spotty theme I have going I made this card for her with a bit of stitching.

So are you making anything crafty this weekend or have any good links for projects you might want to share? I love looking at all things crafty!

I have no crafty plans so far, today it was about staying at home and cleaning the cubby house and the chook pen. For some reason I've been doing spring cleaning in winter not sure why but I've had the urge to clean and tidy so I'll go with that.

I hope you are all keeping warm:)

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Gorgeous bag and purse Catherine! I love the matching card too. You are so clever. I would love to get some crafty stuff done this weekend but I will have to just wait and see if I fit it in! Funny about the spring cleaning thing?? You're not nesting are you??? ; ) xx

  2. Oh Catherine! You have excelled yourself! I saw a similar bag and was planning on making on for myself. The matching card is DIVINE!!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous Catherine! I love your card! I am studying this weekend for my exam, but can't wait for Thursday .....I have 4 weeks Uni free to craft my little heart out:) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. ~ Tina xx

  4. loving your pressies, any girl would be over the moon with that bag!
    no crafty plans today, just going out with the kids to see some horses.
    enjoy ♥

  5. Gorgeous bag and purse! They are so sweet, I think I would like to turn 6! Umm that card is totally crazy... I can't even imagine making something that clever... (paper is just not my thing). Nothing crafty for me this weekend unfortunately, just the usual cleaning for home-open Sunday!
    :) Flick

  6. The bag is gorgeous! No craft for me, unless you count cleaning/sorting my craft room!

  7. really love that bag and purse set - would be great for girls of any age!

  8. Great gift!
    I'd be more than happy to receive something like that ... and it has been a while since I was six ;)

  9. What a lovely bag and purse and I really like the card you've made. Yours cards are always so pretty - they must be so nice to receive. I've been feeling like spring cleaning and organising lately too - I think it's because with this wintry weather, I've been stuck indoors more :)


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