Monday, June 7

Our Daily Bread

Every Monday Meagan shares a different and equally tasty bread recipe that she has made on her blog and invites us to play along with her in baking some bread in your home. Tonight we are have Vegetable and Cheddar Soup for dinner, it's been cooking away in the slow cooker for the past 4 hours, I love slow cookers. Anyway we all love have bread with our soup so I thought I would bake some today. I found this recipe over at the Taste website for basic bread and tried my skills at bread baking. The recipe was easy to follow and full of information explaining the reasoning behind each step in the process, I thought was pretty interesting. Meagan has made some yummy pita bread today pop by, maybe it will inspire you to try your hand at bread making.


  1. Your bread looks great Catherine :) Now that I have my blog back up and running I just wanted to let you know I will be adding you to my links :)

  2. Catherine, your bread looks fabulous! I bake bread nearly every day...ok I lie, my breadmaker makes the bread every day...but I have to put the ingredients into it, so that counts right? Hope you enjoyed your soup and bread! Yum:) ~ Tina xx

  3. Your bread look fantastic - like something straight from a bakery!! I love our slow cooker too - am yet to try out soup in it but will definitely have to try. I love soup in this cooler weather x


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