Tuesday, June 8

Tea Cups

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Do you have a favourite cup to drink your tea/coffee in? I did but it now has a chip right in the spot where I drink from:( It's a special cup because one of my oldest friends gave it to me for my birthday. I do have other cups at home I can use but I'm kind of fussy because I don't want a cup that's too small but I don't want one too big either, I need one just right! Goldilocks was on to something;) I had seen at the Happy Home blog last year Belinda decorated a plate using a porcelain pen and wanted to give the project a go but didn't really have an excuse to until my broken cup. When I couldn't find any I liked I bought a cheap one, sketched a drawing and then did my final draft on the mug. Following the instructions on the pen, I let it dry and then into the oven 24 hours later.

It is a fun way to personalise a plain piece of crockery and now I've got a new favourite mug to drink from. I think it would make a nice crafty present idea too:)

I hope your week is going well!


  1. Your mug looks great Catherine! I love your drawing it is so sweet and looks wonderful! I love that idea and you could use them as gifts for teachers at the end of the year along with some chocolate or biscuits. xx

  2. Tea is a real priority in life for me too! I love your new cup. I'm thinking I might spoil myself now and search the 'Goldilocks Cup' that i've always wanted :)
    Cathy x

  3. well, I can definitely join in there, love a good mug & a good cup of tea.
    lovely Catherine, enjoy your cuppa.

  4. Ohhh that's nice! Is the porcelain pen something you could use like a marker on a stamp and then stamp onto the surface?
    I love your design and the colour is so pretty! I love the pink of that saucer in the image you used above too.

  5. Catherine, your mug looks awesome!! I love it:) Your drawing is fabulous. I cannot draw at all, especially straight lines! Enjoy your tea out of your gorgeous new mug, clever lady!! ~ Tina xx

  6. Looks great- a fun little winter project for you. I have one from trixiedelicious (on etsy) that I adore. xo m.

  7. I'm back again, letting you know you have an award on my blog

  8. I'm fussy with what I drink out of too :) I have an old small sized mug from when I was a little girl that I have a cup of Milo in at night but as for my endless cups of tea, I am yet to find a perfect tea cup, but would love to have a special one for this. I love your mug you decorated and remember that post on Belinda's blog. Your drawing has added a nice, personalised touch to a plain mug. This would have made a great Mother's Day gift to make with the class back when I was teaching. Will keep it in mind. What sort of pen did you use? :)

  9. AnonymousJune 15, 2010

    What a beautiful cup and saucer!!! I just inherited my grandmother's beautiful Noratake china which has delicate flowers and is pink, green and maroon colored. Hopefully I'll get that posted soon.


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