Monday, July 26


A day spent at home getting organized for the week ahead, baking coconut strawberry slice,

citrus poppy seed muffins with some lime icing


a loaf of bread using
Meagan's recipe. Feeling a little quiet now so I'm off to do a little bit more work on this blanket.

I hope that you had a good Monday. I'll be back tomorrow to catch up and draw the winner of my giveaway!


  1. I'm drooling, Catherine lol!
    It all looks yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!!

    Have a great week,
    Take Care, Hugs,
    Kylie X

  2. Catherine - you must have been going non stop all day!!!

    That slice is a favourite in our house too...

  3. You always inspire me so much with your baking Catherine!! I'll have one of those muffins with my morning cuppa please :)

  4. This all looks sooo good! My oven has died so baking is out for the meantime. I love the slice, it's a real winner with me! Cathy x

  5. Oh Yummo!!! Everything looks so good...but I could reach in and grab one of those citrus muffins right now. Hope you're having a wonderful week :)


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