Tuesday, July 27

A Winner

Today was a slower, a quick trip to do my grocery shopping, a bit of crochet and a visit from my Nan bringing with her loads more lemons!!

I had my trusty assistant Miss 6 do the draw. Here she is putting all the names in,

giving it a bit of a shake

and now for the drumroll........... Jill!

Congratulations Jill and thank you to all the lovely ladies that entered in my giveaway. Thank you for all your sweet well wishes on my birthday and for always taking the time to stop by and brighten my day:)

Thank you


  1. Congratulations Jill.....what a great way to start your wednesday. I hope you had a lovely birthday Catherine.....I'm sure you were spoilt. And look at all of those tree is fully laden with lemons, I actually feel a little bit sorry for it as it seems to be struggling under the weight. Won't be long and there will be lemon meringue pies baking in the oven and lots of lashings of lemon icing on whatever cake I so desire. Have a happy week. xo

  2. Congratulations Jill! That flower shot is phenomenal!! The colour is so vibrant! xo m.

  3. Congratulations to Jill and thanks for holding such a wonderful giveaway Catherine x


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