Sunday, July 11

This was my weekend.

After being away for a week, this weekend we decided to stay close to home and just relax and catch up. When we were away Molly was looked after by my Nan who lives on acreage with my parents. So when we went to pick her up and were offered a bag full of homegrown lemons I happily said yes:) I passed on some to my kind neighbour who looked after our cat and chickens and kept some for us.

When my Miss 10 saw all the lemons she was keen to make her famous lemonade which both her and her sister adore but is a bit of an experiment. So with the help of Dad, a recipe was googled and some yummy lemonade was made.

With still more lemons left I made a banana cake with lemon icing. Now what else to do with the rest of my lemons? Any ideas?

It's getting to the end of holidays, boredom is setting in, so to keep the day flowing I set up the table on the deck with lots of crafty things to keep them creating for some time.

I hope that you had a good weekend. What did you get up to?


  1. yum that cake looks delicious, banana cake with lemon icing is my fave! Cat Taylor has a good recipe for a lemon slice here

  2. What about preserving lemons?

    A recipe from Poh's kitchen:

    And one from

    I haven't tried either of these recipes but intend to soon. I'm a big fan of Maggie Beer and she uses preserved lemons in so many of her recipes - really adding an extra punch of flavour.

  3. Love the crafty table...your girls look so peaceful. How about some lemon good!! Hope you have a wonderful week :)

  4. oh that cake looks wonderful .. I definately go with preserving some of the lemons xx

  5. wonderful pics Catherine!! girls look like they are having so much fun.
    whenever I ask my little one what cake she'd like, she always says..lemon tart!
    have a happy week ♥

  6. SOunds like a lovely weekend.

  7. welcome home. that lemon cake looks delicious, we also just enjoyed a big bag of lemons from friends. such a treat! xo m.

  8. The girls look like they are having a great time crafting and they cake looks delicious! xx

  9. Welcome back! Your cake looks delicious (all your cakes always do!!) and love the little craft table set up for the girls :)


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