Monday, July 12

What better way to use up lemons then to....

make some pancakes and have it drizzled with lemon juice and sprinkled with sugar. It was a treat this morning for the girls to have pancakes for breakfast, a simple way to enjoy our last day at home together before school starts back tomorrow. This is our tried, tested and approved recipe for pancakes:

1 cup of plain flour
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 cup milk, approximately

1. Sift flour into medium bowl, make well in centre, gradually whisk or stir in egg and enough milk to make a thin, smooth batter. Alternatively, combine flour egg and milk in blender or processor, blend or process until mixture is combined and smooth.2. Heat heavy based pan over high heat for a few minutes; pan should be very hot. Add about 1/2 teaspoon butter, swirl around pan until it is greased all over the base. Pour about 2 to 3 tablespoons batter from jug into centre of pan, quickly tilt pan so that batter runs from centre around edge.
3. When pancake is lightly browned underneath, turn and brown other side. This can be done with a spatula, egg slide or your fingers or pancake can be tossed and flipped over back into the pan; this takes a little practice.
4. Serve pancakes sprinkled with sugar and a little lemon or lime juice. (The Australian Women's Weekly Basic Cookbook)

I was really in the mood for soup for dinner tonight so I jumped onto the Taste website in search for a different soup recipe to make and found this corn, bacon and zucchini soup that I thought might be nice to try. It was quick and easy and was very tasty, a bit salty probably because of the bacon and butter. Also because I don't add salt to my cooking often so I'm not used to a salty taste. And to go with our soup some pumpkin bread, I also found the recipe on the Taste website. Tomorrow I'm thinking of trying this potato gnocchi recipe with some spicy tomato sauce. I love trying out new recipes!

P.S. Thank you for all the great suggestions to use up my lemon stash!


  1. Oh, pancakes with lemon and sugar are my absolute favourite!! YUM!! Your soup and pumpkin bread look pretty delicious too Catherine:) Hope the girls have a good first day back at school tomorrow. Have a great day yourself ~ Tina x

  2. I use the same recipe - ingrained in my head from my childhood (imagine a room full of girl guide chanting "one cup of flour, one cup of milk, and ooooone egg")! And lemon and sugar is the perfect accompaniment! Hope you're all enjoying back to school day.

  3. Oh yummo!! Will have to write that recipe fact..all of them. Hope you're having a wonderful week :)

  4. Your girls are so lucky to have such a wonderful mum who treats them to such yummy things!! The soup looks delicious too - I'm always so inspired by your baking and cooking Catherine. How's your big girl going with those braces of hers?

  5. Yum! I think I need to come for the whole day to your place!

  6. I used to eat pancakes with lemon and sugar as a small child. I have never gotten sick of them.

  7. Agreed! Although as a Canadian I am a huge maple syrup fan, lemon juice and sugar is a delicious treat on a few flapjacks. Looks great! xo m.


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