Wednesday, August 25

Book Week

Today was our Book Week celebrations. The tool belt was sewn, the clothes chosen for the day, some other props picked up from Spotlight and the other from our visit to the art gallery earlier in the year and Miss 6 was ready on a budget. Miss 10 didn't want to dress up today:( I think that it's probably her age as well as not liking the theme! Oh well maybe next year. During the parade we have some performances done by different classes. Today one of the Year 5 classes copied this U Tube video and did it in front of the parade, it sounded great.

My next dress up venture is an outfit for Miss 6 for their classroom theme - Superheros and she wants to be Supergirl so stay tuned for our next dress up adventure!

It's freezing here today so I'm drinking lots of tea to keep warm I'm hoping the sun will shine tomorrow to get some
of that washing in the machine and onto the line, it's piling up quickly.

Here's a sunny flower I bought the other day when I went shopping, just for you.


  1. Oh she looks adorable!! I used to look Book Week and the dressing up part of it as a little girl although as a teacher, I always found it so hard to think of a costume :) Gorgeous flower. Enjoy your evening Catherine x

  2. Yes, really adorable and proud of herself. Well she helped make it... Love the yellow flower. Pxxx


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