Saturday, August 21

Today we

enjoyed the sunshine and all went for a walk to do the voting

taking a photo of some pretty flowers along the way.

When we got home there was a bit of fairy playing and

some top secret crochet going on for Miss 10;) I'll show you soon, almost finished, but to her it's the longest washcloth she's ever seen me make!

And yesterday after a week of patience testing with Miss 6 and not so fun orthodontic work for Miss 10 I felt emotionally zapped but when I went to my letter box I found this sweet card from Meagan thanking me for her pressie which put a needed smile to my face, so thank you lovely lady:)

Later in the night there was a knock at the door, my neighbour with a bunch of flowers for me thanking me for going down and locking up her door after her testing morning, it was such a wonderful surprise. They are just beautiful and roses are my favourite.

Last night I felt great, these two ladies really brightened up my day and made me feel so very grateful to have such kind and thoughtful people in my life.

Did something make you smile today?

Have a wonderful Sunday:)


  1. I hope your Sunday was as lovely as your Saturday.
    Today I went for a walk with my ipod and my camera. ALONE! I sang and walked and noticed. I smiled lots. X

  2. Such lovely gifts for such a lovely lady. I am sorry I have not visited for so long. I hope all is well with you and as always, I wish you a wonderful week my friend. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  3. Its wonderful when little things like that just brighten up your day. I think I had a similar weekend, full of lots of little 'lovely' moments. (watching my just 2 year old hoon along on his new scooter for the first time, and not crash- that made me smile.)

  4. Sounds like a lovely Sunday and those two surprise gifts would have been such a nice addition :) Can't wait to see Miss 10's gift!


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