Saturday, October 16

The Master Chef Party

Hi there! Happy Saturday to all of you, I hope that you had a good day. Today the girls and I headed over to my friends house to the Master Chef birthday party. They were both looking forward to seeing what they were going to do and I was looking forward to catching up with my good friend. The two of us went to college together when we studied child care and both of us later on studied education so we've been friends for a while so it's always nice to get to see one another.

There was some of the fun games that we all like to do at parties like the egg and spoon race using some of these and the chocolate eating game.

They played the pinata game which she divided the children up into two teams, the pears and the apples (a bit like Ready Steady Cook) to see which team could break the pinata first. The pinatas were tied up on either side of the clothes line with a line marked for the teams to stand behind. When the pinata broke opened she told the children to each take three lollies and if they got more to share them around, which meant there were no sad faces or hurt children, which can happen when they all go in to collect the lollies.

When it came to cooking all the children sat around three tables and they were called out one table at a time to come and get a collection of ingredients to take back and decorate their pizza bases. There were judges too who chose the most creative efforts but in the end they were all told they were winners:)

They also decorated baked cupcakes, using the same organization as with the pizza decorating, getting to choose lollies and icing. And as my friend is so thoughtful and organized she gave the children two cupcakes, one was for them and another to give to the teacher's on Monday for the pupil free day, which I thought was very sweet of her:)

It was really alot of fun and because she was so organized the party just kept flowing. She did such a great job and all 21 of the children left happy, all having a great time. They all took home party bags which were mini shopping bags with little spatulas, whisks, and pastry brushes along with some pancake mix she made and put into bags with labels with the help of the birthday girl. They even got some paint to decorate the aprons that were made and given to them to wear when they were cooking, so there will be some crafty fun happening here maybe tomorrow.

Enjoy your Sunday I hope it's a special one.


  1. That is a lovely party idea. Twenty one kids phew that's alot. Charmaine

  2. Hi Catherine,

    WOW! There are some awesome ideas here. Love the idea of the children creating their own... You and your girlfriend will both need a quiet Sunday that's for sure. 21 kids!! Crazy. I think you're right though, if you're organised it just seems to flow and go really quickly. It's worth the extra effort.

    P.S. Even though it was windy, at least it was sunny!


  3. It all sounds wonderful Catherine! I really love the party bag idea. What age group are these children?

  4. Seriously cute, love the details & party favour at the end, really sweet idea. Love Posie

  5. A really fun party theme...oh, the pizza looks delicious. Your sweet words on my last post made me smile. Gorgeous day and the rain has finally gone! s

  6. Catherine, this is such a great idea for a party. I love it. x

  7. Sounds like an amazing party Catherine - I love the theme and as a teacher, I love the 'second cupcake' gesture :)


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