Saturday, October 9

Sweet Spring

I saw the most wonderful sight this morning when I was driving my hubby to the train station for work, a mother duck, father duck and ducklings crossing the road. It put a smile to my face and made my day:) I didn't have my camera with me but found this sweet photo. I do love Spring it's my favourite season. Do you have a favourite season?


  1. That is the most wonderful picture! You've made my morning. Thanks :)

  2. Oh that is just gorgeous! I love ducks, I dream of the day that I can have a house with a duck pond one day. You lucky thing :).

  3. so cute!!!
    down at our local park there are two geese looking after a big duckling brood :) sometimes the mummy duck it there with them too but mroe often than not its the two geese keeping them safe :)

    Happy Blogtober!

  4. Oh how adorable!! I took Grace to feed the ducks today too and we saw the same little cygnets I shared a photo of a few weeks back only they had grown a bit :)


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