Thursday, October 21

Self Care

I came across this lovely blog via Meagan at ecoMILF and was reading a recent post, one of a series on homeschooling. This particular post I really enjoyed entitled Home school Mama - Self Care for the Teacher. Although I am not a home school mother, I felt that the post applied to all mum's out there caring for their family. Life is often very busy and sometimes we don't take the time to care for ourselves, to remember that we are individuals too with dreams and hopes for ourselves that we need to nurture.

This week has been one of lots of thinking and not too much creating. The year of schooling is almost near and I have been wondering whether to continue their education where they currently attend. It is a hard decision with lots of factors to consider and I really don't know what to do yet. After a chat with the principal I felt better in some ways, I feel that in time things may improve but I don't know whether or not to keeping going with what I know or go somewhere I don't know. It has been weighing heavily on me this week when I remembered that I need to take just 5 minutes to self care. I made a cup of tea, lit some candles and scratched off my scratchie my hubby bought for me. It was nice to just enjoy a snippet of time for me. What do you do to self care? Do you regularly take time out for yourself?

Enjoy your Friday lovelies:)


  1. I hope you come to a decision soon about your girls' school as I can imagine it must be playing on your mind not knowing what to do. I'm glad chatting to the principal helped a bit. I'm someone who needs to work more on 'self care' too - while I don take time out during the day to blog and have a cuppa, I need to pamper myself more and do things like take a relaxing bath and so on. It's hard to fit things in with busy day to day happenings. Were you lucky on your scratchie? :)

  2. I go to gym twice a week, 2 runs, sewing class, read every night (sometimes if my son is awake he gets nto bed beside me with his book). On hols I go for massages/facials. On my days off from work do try to sit still for a while and enjoy a cuppa. I like these posts that get me thinking. Charmaine

  3. It's amazing what just a few minutes of time will do for your mental health (of course longer is great too, but we just need to take what we can get sometimes!). All the best with your very hard decision. Lou.

  4. I have gotten so much better at self care. I used to never do anything for myself and feel guilty if I did! Crazy isnt it? to deprive ourselves of the very fuel that keeps ourselves and our families sparkling. I have started to go to Zumba 3 times a week and every night I make myself a cup of tea and read before going to sleep. Makes such a difference to my attitude. I hope you can find a solution that works for you all, school stuff is so hard isnt it? Such a big decision.

  5. Oh Catherine. What's going on at your school, that doesn't sound good... You are right though, and I know the feeling too, sometimes things like that are all consuming and you need to be able to step back before you make a decision. I too am kinder on myself these days. Some days I feel overwhelmed and then I head downstairs to my little work space and create and then I feel a whole lot better (and no longer feel guilty). The housework is always going to be there isn't it!! Pruxxx

  6. With the boys being so young (3 and 19 months) I'm really not good at taking time for myself. I get snippets here and there, but it's something I need to work on. Thanks for the reminder. xx


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