Sunday, October 24


A sweet little wren spotted after we got off the ferry

I'm sorry that I have been away from this space for the last couple of days. I have felt like I have had a bit of writers block and haven't wanted to bore you with nothing exciting to share. Today was exciting though! We went to visit my mother-in-law and the girls cousins, to celebrate her birthday. The plan was to go to the bay for lunch and a walk but plans changed to a ferry trip over to New Farm and fish and chips at the park.

It was a long walk for the children but our reward at the end was a yummy ice cream so the walk back to the ferry wasn't so bad:) Once we got off the ferry we got the most amazing news, my brother-in-law became a father again today for the fourth time to a new baby girl! So after a wonderful time celebrating at the park, then dinner back at my mother-in-laws, we headed to the hospital to visit our new niece only 3 hours old. A new baby is such a special moment and one that always amazes me, they are so precious.

I hope that your Sunday was full of fun and special times. Thank you for popping by to say hi and I will be back tomorrow with a little bit of craft to show you.


  1. A new baby in the family is such a wonderful blessing...oh, how we love New Farm park...we used to live in Teneriffe and it was our local park. Lots of great memories there. Enjoy those baby cuddles!

  2. How gorgeous to see a bub so little!! Sounds like a really lovely day - there's nothing like fish and chips in the park straight off the paper - yummo!! What a sweet little bird :) Have a lovely start to your week Catherine and don't ever feel like you're boring us!! x

  3. What a great Sunday. You had gorgeous weather unlike us down here in Sydney with the rain and the cold!! New Farm Park is stunning, I haven't been there in years and will put it on the list of things to do on my next trip home. Congratulations on your baby niece too. How gorgeous. Pruxxx P.S. Isn't that little wren so cute. P.P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment about my holiday shots. Back to a new term now but we haven't got long - 8 weeks for us in NSW.

  4. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your new baby niece.

    That's a fun photo of the blue wren. You've got good eyes and a fast hand to have snapped that one!

  5. Congratulations to your brother in law! What a wonderful and exciting time for them all.

    Looks like a lovely day. Love all those jacaranda's.


  6. What a lovely post, Catherine. Enjoy that newborn smell and soft-as-silk skin. Oh, and those glorious jacarandas! J x

  7. Such exciting news, sounds like a perfect week end.


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