Saturday, October 9

Today I'm Grateful

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for hugs. They make you feel loved, cared for, protected, happy and I couldn't imagine not getting them everyday.

Today I'm grateful for the two beautiful, healthy, happy girls' I have. At a birthday party today I heard parents talk about their child's' behavioural difficulties and how other people judge them. I can't imagine how they must feel and how difficult it must be for them to cope. My two don't have any behaviour issues and on those days when things seem hard I will remember just how truly lucky and grateful I am to have them.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I'm grateful for your post and your generosity towards those that have spirited children. I've just left a friends place where my 6 year old daughter had a huge hissy fit and this time I lost my cool. I'm grateful that when I texted them a few moments ago to apologise, they were understanding and non-judgemental - just like you! :)

  2. Lovely. I forget to be grateful for the simple things sometimes... Hugs are the best! Especially from the girls. I, like you, am very fortunate with my children, and that I am so thankful for every day! I hope you get lots of hugs today...
    Flick xo

  3. Kids are kids and they to muck up but that is how they learn. I think adults expect too much of kids at time. We shouldn't be embarassed by them. Taken me 8 years to realise this and be more relaxed as a mother. it is their first time in the world and most important they need to live in a learning environment not a punishing environment. Charmaine

  4. i totally forgot what i was going to write after reading charmaine's comment. i love her words.

  5. I love Hugs especially Big Bear Hugs!

  6. I love hugs so much. I couldn't live without them. My children give me the most fantastic hugs ever ... and my partner ain't bad either so I am one very lucky woman.

    Behaviour issues. So tricky and so overwhelming. My son has had issues with his speech along the way and this difficulty getting words out can at times translate to challenging behaviour - because the poor kiddo is just so frustrated and exhausted too. I wish our society as a whole was more tolerant and non-judgemental ... so often we don't know the full story.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  7. What a lovely sentiment, Catherine. I am grateful for parents like you who understand that it's not all roses for others. Not judgey, just sympathy. That really means a lot to struggling parents, I think. You're a good one. A keeper. Thanks for linking!! xx

  8. Such a lovely post Catherine. I can tell just from what you share on here how lovely your two girls must be. I adore hugs and cuddles too - and am grateful that my little Grace loves giving them out :)


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