Tuesday, March 29

Our New Puppy

Our new puppy is
A wriggler
A widdler
A diggy-doggy diddler
A muddler
A puddler
But most of all
A cuddler!

Today little Miss 7 had show and tell and had to memorise a poem to recite to the class.  She chose the poem Our New Puppy, perfect for taking Molly in as her prop.  They both did well, Miss 7 and Molly, getting lots of attention and pats from the children. It will surely be something she will always remember.  Do you remember taking your pet into school for show and tell?

I hope you've had a good day. xo


  1. Oh Catherine, what a gorgeous little poem xx

  2. Cute puppy, miss 7 and poem!I can easily imagine them getting lots of attention :)
    The girls constantly want to bring our pets (any pets) to school :)
    Sandrine x


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