Wednesday, March 30

March has been a really busy month for birthdays so I was kept busy making lots of cards.  I really love clean and simple cards and quick cards so I've cheated a bit using the same sketch but with a few slight changes.

Female cards are my favourite to make but with lots of men in the family I still have the need to whip up a few, this is one I made recently.

It's raining here at the moment, perfect weather for the big girl and I to hang out inside together while she's on holidays.  I hope you enjoyed your rainy day weather or sunny weather. xo


  1. Your birthday cards are gorgeous Catherine and thank you for stopping by and ofr your kind words. We are really excited and so happy! xx

  2. I agree, cards for men are really tricky. Love your version!

  3. I love the second card!! So cute - you always have such lovely creations. Enjoy the day with your big girl x

  4. Love 'em all! I really like your styling in cards.

  5. IT is such a nice thing to receive a hand made card, I love yours!
    And what a nice moment to share with your daughter.
    Holidays already?wow we still have another week to go here.
    Hope the weather gets sunny again...Have a great rest of your week Catherine.
    Sandrine x

  6. Buying cards for men is often so difficult for me that I end up not buying one. I love your option!!!

  7. So pretty, I love getting a handmade card over a store purchased one!

  8. Oh I love all your beautiful handmade creations! Well done! I particular love the crocheted brooch, it's adorable. I love making cards too, it gives such a lovely personalised touch. I'm glad you enjoyed a lovely day with your little girl xx


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