Saturday, May 21


Sitting on the floor doing some sewing,  pj's for my nephew who is turning 3 soon. Being kept company by the big girl learning lots about clouds.

Where do you enjoy doing your craft?

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday 


  1. Happy sewing. I love the fabric. I'm sewing shorts for the children when I get the chance! Have a great weekend xo

  2. I usually end up sprawled over the floor too or the kitchen table. Have fun sewing, I'm about to sit in front of the heater with a magazine and cuppa as it's freezing here. Enjoy your Saturday evening x

  3. On the dinning table right in the middle of everything. My son does his homework there while I cook. The dining table is where it all happens in my house.

  4. oh that sounds like a great start of the weekend! Enjoy the sewing. I am off with some friends for shopping... and a latte or two :-).
    Love, Maaike

  5. Love your work! What a lucky little boy... I have my workspace under the house but at the moment it's a complete mess (I work in chaos)... I so need to spend a day sorting it out ready for the next lot of creative craziness. I like working like that though. Have a lovely weekend too. Pxxx

  6. three places : the dining room for sewing, my craft nook for paper craft ( only because the paper has taken ALL the room!) and my arm chair for knitting and crocheting....although the crochet travels sometimes like today to swimming lessons for kid#2

  7. on the floor aswell!!
    especially in front of the heater now.
    happy Sunday to you lovely ♥

  8. Sprawled across the kitchen table. That would be my craft not me!
    Not such a good week though. I've had my 3YO girl sick - starting off with an innocent cold and upgrading to wheezing and fever. It's knocked her out this week.

  9. Lovely fabric I have a sewing table in the family room at the moment covered with mending.

  10. Well I have my very own chair in my living room right next to the T.V where I do my projects ..... I like my comforts :)

    Nice fabric choice. I have'nt tackled sewing yet but have a project sat there waiting .... one day I shall have a go ....

    Have a fab weekend.
    Leah ! x


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