Wednesday, May 18

Our 'renovators delight' is an 80 year oldish character home was one which needed lots of work done to it even before we moved in.  It was one of those houses with carpet in the kitchen, one very strange bathroom with a toilet room within the bathroom, a fence falling down and just two bedrooms.  Just before Little Miss was to arrive we added another bedroom and a deck so it added some space to our small home. On the list of many jobs to do was to convert our front porch into an office/craft space.  It's a lovely sun filled room but was an unused space and much more affordable to convert then to build on and recently we got this space renovated. Here are some before photos.

And these are some after photos.

There is still a little bit to do but the major part of painting has been finished for anyone who is interested we used Natural White on the ceiling and decorative trims and then Buff It on the walls. The next thing is  polishing the floor, installing a light shade and then it's on to the decorating which is harder than I thought, I've never had a space of my own for a very long time and I'm really excited.  I'm thinking a desk and some type of shelving would be a good start.

Have you done any decorating lately?

May you have a terrific Thursday

P.S. I just wanted to add that we paid someone to renovate our front porch, I only wish that we were that clever to be able to do it ourselves:)


  1. Oh wow!!! It looks fantastic! you have done such an amazing job!!! '
    Laura xx

  2. lucky you, QLD'ers have such character. I just know your home would be warm and welcoming like a real homey home xxx

    PS hop on over to my blog for my first give away. That is if blogger is letting my blog work ugh!

  3. Your new craft space is gorgeous and how exciting to be able to decorate, what fun! Those old Queenslanders come up a treat!

  4. I LOVE queeslanders! You lucky thing!

    I like your new years resolutions too

    xo em

  5. That is great Catherine. It's so important to have a space that you can call your own, especially with children around. I am busy dreaming up on how to convert our study into an adult retreat/yoga and meditation room. So far, I have taken all the kids toys out, so it is a good start!

  6. Wow Catherine, what an amazing space you guys have created!! LOVE the paint colours you've gone with. How exciting to have a little room for yourself :)

  7. I am drooling, this space will be amazing! I wish I had a space like it to create in. Lush!

  8. Lucky has always been my dream to live in an old character filled home. This space looks stunning, I love the colours :)

  9. Looks great. We are in the midst of painting our ceilings and walls room by room, and it is taking forever! Somehow living just keeps getting in the way.

  10. The blinds make a world of difference, Catherine. What were they thinking? I think that a lot when looking at 'before' shots... what were they THINKING when they got a pink bathtub with a green basin? Orange floor tiles? Veneer everything? You know how it goes!

    This will be a great space to pause a while. x

    PS - 'Hi!' x

  11. Nicely done! Great job! Congrats!

  12. Well done, it looks great! Gotta love the old Queenslanders (we are rennovating one at the moment too) They're a labour of love - that's for sure!

    x claire

    P.S - Are you in Qld? Would love to know whereabouts?


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