Sunday, May 1

Today I spent some time outside in the sun, getting dirty in the garden.  It always feels good to trim things, plant things and feed the plants and yourself.  
My herbs are one of the easiest things to grow in my garden and some of them were going to seed so I trimmed them back. I collected the basil seeds and picked off the leaves off the trimmed stems.  Some of the leaves from the basil plant were for drying and the rest for pesto. For a quick and easy dinner tonight we ended up having some on some pasta and there's still some left for me to have for lunch tomorrow on crackers, my favourite lunch at the moment.
 I also collected a few bundles from my parsley, thyme and rosemary plants, tied them with twine and hung them on the deck to dry.  I found this website that helped me with my little experiment to make my own organic dried herbs. I'll let you know how I go.
I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. What beautiful photos. I was just thinking yesterday when I was out in garden how easy herbs were to grown (in comparison to my other plants...) I hadn't even thought to dry them - you've inspired me!!

  2. I can never get basil to grow well in my garden. I don't know why, but I love pesto. For now it is bought pesto. I'm sure yours tastes much better and looks better too! x

  3. Love pesto. Will be interested to see how you go with drying your herbs as I haven't had success. But this is a great idea hanging them on the verandah.

  4. I love pesto but have not yet tried growing my own basil. I used some Rosemary from my garden yesterday in a slow-cooker meal. I stopped as I picked it and thought back to the 3 small sprigs my friend pulled off her plant 3 years ago. Only one of them grew when I planted them but now I have a magnificent bushy plant to use. All because someone shared.

    Hopefully if I ever get around to growing Basil it will also be a success!

  5. Hi,

    that jar makes me want to eat it!

    I canNOT wait to start my herb garden. This past year has been all about the new house, and just tidying the land. I'm thinking of bringing back some seeds from UK this Summer.

  6. I love herbs, they add sooo much to everything. Can you believe they are almost $2.50 a bunch in stores now?! I've been relying on my Dad's green thumb to keep me supplied!


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