Sunday, June 19


A baptism
A special role to play
Photos taken by my little girl

Oranges, lemons and mandarins
Freshly picked this morning by my Dad

I hope you had a sunny Sunday


  1. mmm nothing like citrus from the backyard!
    Baptisms are so very special and you will be a great God parent I am positive.

    PS love your haircut!

  2. beautiful. I can smell the lemons from here.

  3. Your little girl will make a great photographer :)
    We have just inherited a lemon tree from my FIL because he can't get it to fruit (I think he only has shady areas). I'm quite excited because we use lemons for everything - yours look deliciously juicy and zingy!

  4. Hi Catherine
    I hope my 'lots-a-lemons' tree is so generous to me. no fruit as yet, but it is still a baby (6mths). Sunny days to you. Jane x

  5. We've got lemons a plenty here too. Made a yummy citrus cake last week to use some up. How nice to have played a special part in the baptism yesterday x


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