Monday, June 20


the big girl and little girl had to get their eyes tested.  Lucky for the little girl I made a mistake when organising the appointment, she had a day off school to go but the big girl is on holidays already.  Just one week to go and I have them both at home and I can't wait.
When we came home we had fresh orange juice using some of the oranges picked by my Dad, trying to keep us healthy in this cold weather.
We made a bit of jelly using a vegetarian packet I found at an organic shop, just because.
And a bit of fun in the kitchen, the little miss and I made some play dough. I love making play dough and seeing what she creates.

What did you do today?


  1. I can tell you're looking forward to having your gorgeous girls home on holidays. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Grace and I popped to a shop to quickly buy a cushion, bought some pretty flowers and a cake and then came home to enjoy our morning tea x

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. My 4 yr old keeps asking me for glasses because his friend has to wear them, so he would have loved the eye test and a day off school!

  3. It sounds like a lovely day Catherine. How nice to spend a day with your two girls doing fun stuff together. xx

  4. Looks like a great day, Catherine. Vegetarian jelly, now that sounds great! I also love making play dough, the last batch I made I sent to my nephews in South Africa and added some cinnamon, they loved it.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day! So nice to have your girls with you, im sure they enjoyed it and all the special things you made with them, lucky girls! Hope you have a good week too xx

  6. Ahhh the good old days when you actually wanted your kids home on holidays. It sounds like fun at your place and playdough is the best invention ever isnt it? x

  7. I am really looking forward to the holidays as well! That jelly sounds fantastic, will have to check out our organic markets this weekend for some. x


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