Sunday, June 26


There was some park playing, tag and you're up
A bit of cake eating and baking with grandma
And a bit of time just for the adults, lunch and a movie
Tonight a quick dinner, french toast with icing sugar and maple syrup
Tomorrow a quiet day at home enjoying the start of our school holidays.
May your Monday be a magical one


  1. Your day sounds blissful. My Monday is looking like something to be feared. Just gotta get through it, that old mantra hopefully will work. melx

  2. T shirts in winter. Gotta love living in the southern hemisphere!

  3. YUM MO - french toast with maple syrup for dinner.....

    Enjoy your quiet day at home relaxing today...

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  4. happy monday! have you read any good books lately?! I have just started a new one "at home with Templetons" by Monica McInerney. at home today nursing a slipped disc in my back, yes, agony. i think the universe is telling me to stop for a little while. what do you think? Jane x

  5. Loving that you had french toast and maple syrup for dinner! Happy Monday! Enjoy the school holidays :)
    xx claire

  6. Sounds wonderful! Enjoy your school holidays!

  7. Sounds fun! Enjoy your holidays. We start ours next week so this week is a catch up week of cooking and cleaning so we can enjoy our time off over the following weeks.

  8. AnonymousJune 27, 2011

    Bliss!! Our holidays don't start till next week I think, though I do tend to lose track with homeschooling :)

  9. Yummo to your dinner!! Enjoy the start of the holidays with your gorgeous girls x

  10. A quiet Monday for me today, there is a list of MUST DO that probably wouldn't get done, I will probably indulge in some sewing...and then feeling guilty tonight for my procrastination.

  11. What a delightful combination, Catherine. Ooh, adult time - lucky you! Enjoy your holidays - we started back at school last week for Term Two. J x

  12. Sounds wonderful family time! The weather has been so lovely for us was it!
    Enjoy the quiet start Catherine :)
    Sandrine x


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