Wednesday, June 29

 Thank you for all the helpful advice with the bread making:) and for the suggestion that I give the no knead bread recipe a try, so I thought I would and it was easy.  I think that maybe next time I should stay home so that I can get it straight in the oven when the second rising time is over because mine looks a little flat or maybe that was because of the shape of my pot.  In any case I'm happy with the little effort I had to put in and it's nice to have some fresh homemade bread to have with soup tonight.  I'll be giving this a go again for sure.  I did some research and looked up recipes and found that this Martha Stewart recipe the easiest to follow for me.
I thought I'd share my progress with the patchwork cushion cover.  I was surprised at how hard it is to actually to match the lines up, I've always admired patchwork quilts and now I do even more.

Sorry if I haven't been round to visit lately I love popping round to see all of you so I hope to visit soon.

How has your Wednesday been?  I hope it's been wonderful


  1. The bread looks just delicious!!!

    I'm curious - what recipe did you use and was it light and fluffy or more like a sour dough??

    Jodie :)

  2. Fresh bread with soup sounds delicious! I love your cushion cover, lovely colours. Is it for a gift or for your home? I'm eager to start Grace's patchwork quilt :) Our Wednesday has been a nice one, just visited a friend for a coffee/play this morning and home for the rest of the day x

  3. Love the patchwork, Catherine - very neat! I'm ashamed to say I can't even sew... so I am very envious of your skills. That bread looks lovely... it has a real homemade rustic look that I love. Hope your little one is feeling better xx

  4. The bread and quilting are looking good!I know exactly what you mean about matching squares :) xx

  5. I thought I might gobble the lot of that bread on sight (but then I spied the rocky road coming together on the post below and, well... let's just say the bread is safe but the RR is not!!!) x

  6. Yay for no knead...your loaf looks great.
    Love the patchwork...trying to get the alignment spot on is what is holding me up with my first ever quilt, though I may just dig it out today and try finish it :)


  7. Love your patchwork color combination! I wish to start making some cushion covers too for mom :)

  8. It's the perfect weather for bread like that and love your groovy cushion :)

  9. wow how did you get that shape out of a bread maker!! ha haha!
    Yeah, patchwork, harder than I thought too!


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