Saturday, July 2

I've had a few to do projects that I've had sitting in my pile and now I can finally check some of them off my list.
One patchwork cushion for my god daughter✓ (Tutorial I used here)
One baby beanie and a pair of teeny tiny mittens✓ (Tutorial I used here and here)

It always feels good to get a couple of things done.  Still to do is some baby bunting (almost finished) and a pencil case.  I should have them finished by tomorrow, fingers crossed.
Have you been able to tick something off your to do list today?

I hope your Sunday is a sunny one


  1. Lovely! That cushion would go perfectly on my bathroom chair. I have so many things to do on my list that I daren't even look at it anymore :)

  2. Well done on getting a few projects done - your cushion is really lovely Catherine and that is such a cute beanie! Not much achieved here today unfortunately, perhaps tomorrow :)

  3. It's glorious sunshine here today for a change - so off out in the garden in a minute while the little one has an afternoon nap.

    Love the patchwork cushion and choice of fabrics used - will have a look at the tutorial.

    The baby hat and mittens are adorable. I love knitting for babies x

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Leah x

  4. Lovely cushion Catherine and the baby crochet is so sweet!

  5. A great feeling of finishing some things. They are lovely.

  6. Yay, finished!!! Looks fabulous!!!

  7. Gorgeous! It always feels so good to get projects ticked off the list.

  8. Well done Catherine!!! The cushion looks fab and the beanie and little mitts very cute...Yes it feels really good when some of the projects get the final tick I agree :) You have done really well xx

  9. I love the cushion! Its colours are really fresh and vibrant!


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