Tuesday, July 5

During the school holidays we have a list of things we like to do, have a cooking day, visit Dad at work, a movie day at home, are just a few activities we enjoy doing on the holidays.  Today we went to one of our favourite places, the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.  It's always has free activities there to entertain the girls.  We also enjoy going for a walk through the gallery looking at the free exhibitions, talking along the way about what the art means. My youngest really enjoys being able to learn through visual representation it gives it much more meaning for her so we had  lovely conversations along the way. It always fascinates me what captures children's attention and to see their personality and interests grow. If you live close by the Surrealism for Kids exhibition runs until the 2nd of October.

Do you have a favourite holiday activity that you enjoy doing with your children?

Have a wonderful Wednesday


  1. Approaching young people to contemporary art is an excellent mean to stimulate their imagination and to kindle their creativity. When my kids were young I didn't have this kind of sensitivness (nor the time!)and it is a pity that I overlooked this side of their education.
    Your children will thank you one day!

  2. I love arts too !! It has been a while I last visited any art museum or gallery.... Hmmm I should start making some plans

  3. The Gallery of Modern Art sounds like a great place to visit. Our favourite holiday activity is making stuff out of air dry clay and painting it. Keeps the kids amused for hours!

  4. Art gallery is a great idea.. we are in the first week of our school hols so will look fwd to plannig an outing to local gallery soon!


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