Monday, July 4

Colours in my day

Green, a pencil case for my god daughter.

Brown and orange, baby bunting a special order and marmalade.
A rainbow, biscuits made by the big girl and her friend.
White, helping Dad with the painting outside.
Yellow, a bright cheery end to the day from my friend who opened her florist shop today.

I hope you your day was full of colour and laughter


  1. It's nice to look at the day that way. I must say mine was filled with many colours too - some yucky ones (that goes with the newborn territory!). But also some nice bright blue from my eldest's birthday cake.

  2. Mmmm golden goodness, i love the glow the marmalade gives. What a lovely surprise to end the day.


  3. Such a bright and cheerful little pencil case. That baby bunting is wonderful - love the choices of non traditional colour and prints.

  4. lovely light. and fabric. and sweet treats. yum.

  5. I love the bunting!!!

    Your day of colour looks gorgeous...

    Jodie :)

  6. That light streaming in on your bench makes me feel all warm and toasty :) Love your take on the day x

  7. Your marmalade looks gorgeous! I bet you get all chuffed when you spy all those lovely jars...such is the wondrous power of preserving! And your bunting looks so chic. SImple colours and very effective. Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week :) x


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