Friday, July 8

Hit the road Jack

It's a funny tune originally sung by Ray Charles, that without fail my hubby sings when we're about to go out in the car for a long drive, I think his Mum used to sing it too:)  Today we did indeed hit the road and headed out west.  The girls finish their holidays this week so we thought that today would be a great day to go on an adventure together and keep the weekend free so we can get ready for the school/work week ahead.  We've thought about visiting the Jondaryan Woolshed for a while but just haven't gotten around to doing it, I'm so glad we did today.  To break up the long drive we stopped off at a little town called Oakey for a play in the park and a bit of morning tea. 
We then made our way to the woolshed and took in all that it had to offer, visiting the animals and walking through all the old buildings admiring the old wares and talking about what it may have been like to live there. 

Back in the car again and onto our next destination, Dalby.

There were lots of photo opportunities along the way, I found these power lines a little unusual, not sure why they are built on an angle.  Also the wide open spaces I enjoy seeing, I'm always amazed at how big our country is.
One of my memories as a child visiting Dalby was stopping by the side of the road and picking some cotton, so we had to do that today. 

Lunch in the park was had at our final stop, Dalby, by that stage we were all feeling weary so we had a short walk down the main street, and most importantly the antique shop where I found this old milk bottle. It's now sitting on my desk, next to the bowl awaiting the next treasure, maybe another adventure?
Have you been adventuring lately? Do you have any favourite spots you like to visit?

May your Saturday be sparkling


  1. Looks like a great day out. I love the idea of stopping to pick cotton! Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Sounds like the perfect day out - what a lovely way to spend a day of your girls' holidays having an adventure together. I like going on little Sunday drives although we haven't been on one in a while. I keep bugging Paul for us to go back to this 'cute cafe in a shed' we stumbled across one wintery day when we went for a drive out towards Toodyay. Love the milk bottle! x

  3. What a great drive. I'm familiar with that destination, being married to a bushy bloke. i love seeing the leftover cotton on the side of the road, love it, love it. have a great weekend. Jane x

  4. There is such a big open sky out west. A great drive.

    We are heading out for our adventure west soon.

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  5. Just caught up on what you have been up to, sounds like a great little adventure!So many places to and discover for me...the list would be tooo long to display lol!
    Hope you enjoyed your last weekend of the holiday and that you are well?
    Sandrine xx

  6. We stopped and picked cotton at easter on our way - we have friends that own a motel in Dalby and will probably get out there once more before we leave Brisbane. I am writing my bucket list now and have not stopped at the wool sheds before (however we are moving south and Tim's parents are sheep farmers so the kids will get lots of expossure to it - but would make a nice little stop)


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