Friday, July 22

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the beautiful birthday wishes that each and everyone of you sent my way on Wednesday, I felt very special and they made my day:)
 Made by Miss 7
 Made by Miss 11 (There were no letter a's so she used an e instead just in case you were wondering)
The month isn't over yet and so the birthdays continue.  Today it was my lovely hubby's birthday.  We are only separated by two days, born in the same year, I am just a little bit older but that definitely makes me wiser (lol)  There were of course some handmade cards to given and his turn to choose what he wanted for dinner and dessert, much to the girls delight he chose chocolate mousse.  My big girl was happy to grab a recipe she had printed out earlier for me to use and it was very nice and light in texture and an easy recipe to make.  When I made it I decided to use milk chocolate rather than dark because the dark is a little bitter and I didn't think everyone would enjoy the flavour.
Chocolate Mousse
200g dark eating chocolate, chopped coarsely
30g unsalted butter
3 eggs, separated (see Cook's Note, below)
300ml thickened cream, whipped

1. Melt chocolate and butter in a large glass heatproof bowl over large saucepan of simmering water (do not allow water to touch base of bowl).  Remove from heat.  Stir in egg yolks, cool.
2. Beat egg whites in a small bowl with electric mixer until soft peaks form.
3. Fold cream into chocolate mixture then fold in egg whites in two batches.
4. Divide mousse among serving glasses or dishes; refrigerate for 3 hours or overnight.  Serve topped with whipped cream and chocolate curls, if desired. Serves 6

Cook's note: The eggs must be at room temperature for success with this recipe.

Have a wonderful Saturday


  1. Happy Birthday to your Hubby Catherine! Your chocolate mousse looks delicious. xx

  2. oh the ded card is adorable
    and the mousse looks great - hope it was :-)

  3. AnonymousJuly 23, 2011

    You are such a sweetheart :)
    I need a glass of that mousse asap!


  4. Chocolate mousse is always a winner, thanks for the recipe!

  5. Sorry I missed your birthday on Wednesday. Happy birthday to you and your hubby. My brother and law and his wife are the same, two days apart! I think she is also the wiser one :).

  6. happy birthday to the Mr, Catherine!
    hope you keep on celebrating all week long ♥

  7. Ahhh! Just catching up on your news over a bowl of chocolate mousse... and I now know why the eggs need to be at room temp, if only I'd read that this afternoon! Happy Birthdays all round! gxo


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