Sunday, July 31

Our Weekend

was spent at home

Painting the new handrail
Preparing the worm farm after some learning at school
Crocheting for me
And Molly having lots of fun too.

I hope you had a good weekend, I wish it wasn't over already.
May your week be a happy one


  1. Catherine, your weekend looks and sounds perfect! It looks like you achieved so much, but all of it just lovely and relaxing! Hope your week ahead is just as wonderful ~ xx

  2. What a perfectly relaxing weekend. Ours has been lovely like that too, and we've had gorgeous warm sunshine which makes even the simplest things wonderful after the cold winter it's been here! Those cupcakes made me laugh out loud - beautiful!

  3. Love a good homey weekend, looks gorgeous & nice crochet!! Love Posie

  4. What a lovely weekend - the garden is looking fab and the worm farm is a great idea.

    Molly is cute!

  5. A peaceful week end, I did most of the same: spent the days at home, gave water to my mint pot (gardening), baked and knitted.
    I didn't work on the worm farm, but I didn't miss it!
    Simple pleasures are balm for the soul.

  6. Oh - prefect weekend!

  7. Love those kinds of weekends, poking about in the garden.... a spot of craftiness... looks like fun!


  8. I can't believe you can still harvest tomatoes where you are! Looks like you had a lovely "pottering around" weekend, accomplishing little projects. I love those kind of weekends xo

  9. I spent the weekend pulling weeds and trying and trying to plan a veggie garden. We have a strip of unused ground down the side of the house but I just cant work out how to make it usable. It is full of clutter waiting for next kerbside collection. Your little area of raised beds looks inspiring. Glad you had a fun weekend!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Catherine. I'm envious of your garden...those tomatoes look lovely! x

  11. I'm aiming for a weekend at home this weekend. We spent Sunday at my parents place, which was nice and relaxing but for some reason I'm still trying to recover.

    Your garden is just getting better and better with age. It looks like the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

  12. Sounds like the perfect mix of activites. What a cute little bird visiting your garden. Keep us posted about the worm farm, I'd love to get one of those here.

  13. Your vege gardens are massive.The weather has been divine lately hasn't it? Glad your weekend was so relaxing yet also productive. melx

  14. Lovely to see some sneak peek of your home and garden...looks like Molly has been into something interesting, did she wanted to help?! lol :)xx


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